Women Only Tours

If you are a woman, you know how it feels!! Well, yes! We talk, we gossip, we make merry, we scream, we do just about anything when in a group.

In case you are a group of friends waiting to find that ‘safe’ person who can arrange a tour for you, then call us right away because we know how it feels when you want to explore! Since it’s the norm, women in a group tend to have some great conversations, so if you come solo, you leave with friends! We are sure once you have been on a trip just for women, you will be returning for more!

On our usual trips, we mix in a bit of culture and the environs and a bit more of shopping and merry making to make that one trip a lifetime memory. We bring in remote places where you mix with the locals who tells you what more you can ‘see’ apart from the usual touristy place that every tourist visits. If you are a foreigner traveling here, you will be given an interpreter who can speak your language and communicate with the local, you know that ‘heart to heart’ way of talking wherein you say a lot more than you normally say! Apart from our lady buddy who will travel with you, this escort , if you need will accompany you throughout the journey or make entries at places where you utmost need him or her.

Accommodations we select are comfortable, clean and interesting, wherein you breathe in a bit of the place you are in. They are experiences that tell you more of the locality.

Transport: Our vehicles are comfortable, driven by experienced drivers who are helpful, to say the least! For groups, we provide tempo travelers, for larger ones we provide mini coaches. We will provide you with local rides at certain places which will help you experience the place like a local and turn the experience all the more fun and lively!

For programs, you may look up our various tour programs listed in the TOURS section. Or if you have anything particular in mind please get in touch with us and we will be happy to get back to you at the earliest.

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